All learning conservation games produced in the framework of the INVOLEN project are available here online, to be played on a smartphone or tablet. The games were either developed by the volunteers and facilitators during the pilot courses of INVOLEN project with the assistance of experts or during the European Competition with the assistance of the Learning Guide and Toolkit, the HELPDESK and the project partners.

The scenario of the games connects seniors’ stories with conservation issues of the protected areas.

The games feature videos, pictures, geopoints, virtual characters, sound, text and any type of information collected either on site, while volunteers carried out the data collection and game playtesting activities or from desk research of the groups and from interviews with seniors.

INVOLEN games have been created on several open source location based game platforms and are accessible through mobile devices.

Read the instructions on how to access the games here.





INVOLEN: Intergenerational Learning for Nature Conservation Volunteers

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