Within the framework of INVOLEN a wide range of learning activities has being implemented:

  1. Training workshop and webinars for learning facilitators.
  2. Training courses in each participating country aiming to pilot-test the learning methodology of INVOLEN with small groups of school students and seniors.
  3. International workshop in Hungary to evaluate the results of the piloting.
  4. Five workshops, one in each participating country, to present the results of the pilot-tests and launch the five national competitions.
  5. Five competitions carried out amongst secondary schools in the project-countries leading to awards for the best volunteer conservationists’ games.
  6. Online helpdesk to support the volunteers’ groups who wish to enter the competition.
  7. International Conference in Florence, Italy, to discuss the further exploitation of the project results and grant three European awards to the best games that would emerge from the national competitions.




INVOLEN: Intergenerational Learning for Nature Conservation Volunteers

With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union

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