All learning conservation games produced in the framework of the INVOLEN project are available here online, to be played on a smartphone or tablet.  The games were either developed by the volunteers and facilitators during the pilot courses of INVOLEN project with the assistance of experts or during the European Competition with the assistance of the Learning Guide and Toolkit, the HELPDESK and the project partners.

The scenario of the games connects seniors’ stories with conservation issues of the protected areas.

The games feature videos, pictures, geopoints, virtual characters, sound, text and any type of information collected either on site, while volunteers carried out the data collection and game playtesting activities or from desk research of the groups and from interviews with seniors.

INVOLEN games have been created on several open source location based game platforms and are accessible through mobile devices.

Read the instructions on how to access the games here.







Boar Marley adventure

Boar Marley is a small boar that lives in the woodlands of Colognole. Boar Marley is small, curious and observes the behavior of people who visit the woodlands surrounding an aqueduct that was built at the beginning of the XIX century.  Boar Marley  learned strange habits from Man. Now he wears a coloured hat, has some tattoos,  drinks beer and smokes! If you want to know what happened to Boar Marley and help him to get over his bad habits, play the game! You will meet interesting characters and learn about this place.







The Involen quest, the adventure of Theomaque

A young sailor Théomaque the Guviflo, after some time at sea returns home to Saint-Cado in Brittany, close to the protected area Gâvres-Quiberon. He discovers his house devastated by storms and objects that are dear to him disappeared. He heard they were dispersed to the beach. hemust therefore find them. He asks the player to help him in his quest. During his research, he will make encounters and discoveries on the landscape that surrounds it.


France worked with an additional platform as well in order to address the issue of language (English level at school has been a problem so the Enigmapp platform in French was preferred). The mobile application can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.




Enigmapp access code : 14URH9RF






In this game the player plays the character of an “official explorer” of the wetland and is called to help solve several environmental issues that come up in the course of the game. The explorer is accompanied throughout the game by the goddess Artemis character, who provides hints and sets quests for the player to complete.





An adventurous journey in Vravrona

In this game the story of a young teenager named Lisa, the player character role, is unfolded. Lisa, who has to travel around the world with her parents in their trailer because her  father leads an animal TV-show. Vravrona wetland is one of their destinations. Eddy the monkey, Lisa’s talking pet, is another character that appears in the game. As Lisa takes Eddy out for a walk, the monkey escapes her, while a story of mystery is unfolding.





Treasure from Duplje

There is a special spot in the forest reserve Pod krivo jelko, lying in the heart of the Udin Boršt forest. Back in the 19th century, it used to be a secret meeting point of highwaymen. However, owing to its positive energy, this spot today is a very popular excursion destination for both local people and visitors. It has also become a venue for different social events such as 'finfranje', a typical highwayman spring break festivity. Nearby, you can rent traditional triangular wooden huts which belong to the Natural science and ethnology camp Rokovnjači. Why don't you try how it feels to be like a real highwayman!





Dolenja vas in touch of ancestors

In Dolenja vas is old Slovene Karst village with a stream Cerkniščica. A stream has a special and useful value for local inhabitants. Through the game you can explore and find out how the village is organised in order to exploit water resources in sustainable way.




Discovery of the Dead Rába

The location of the Hungarian INVOLEN-game is the protected area of the Dead Rába, near the settlement of Gyirmót. Do you want to get to know, what kind of natural treasures this area hides? Come and play with us the Discovery of the Dead Rába.

If animals could speak, they would tell us many things about protecting the nature. In this game, it happens! The player comes across interesting animals during his wandering, and there are a lot to learn from them. Help those nice animals, who are also show kindness by giving you presents. Collect four presents to complete the quest! Do not hesitate, the gopher, the frog, the otter and the merops are already waiting for you! Discover the natural treasures of the Dead Rába, and do not forget, what the animals will teach you!












A Jump in The Middle Age

This game aims to give information (history, natural environment, traditions), about the area in which the students live. Linking knowledge and storytelling, the player interacts with the main character Sigerico, in the game. Silvia and Giulia, from the local association Archeo & Tech (senior experts) and the Class 1E of the school I.C. Sacchetti have worked together and they have involved grandparents and parents for getting information about San Genesio ancient village but also traditional recipes.

There was a visit to the archaeological site of San Genesio, the experts went to school and shared also the development phases of the game. Students wrote the texts, designed the characters, took photographs to the via Francigena and seeded plants. They placed experimental activities, looked for news about the species in the area, and all the material was used to create the game.


Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: ARIS


Owly Tales

This game is located in the protected area of the Provincial Park of Monti Livornesi, between Castelluccio and Montenero villages.
In 1990, the enchanting forest of Montenero became a scene of hell. For four days the hills burned and high tongues of fire lapped the houses threatening the Sanctuary of Montenero. Hundreds of forest hectares were destroyed, and many animals died, including fishes and amphibians of the streams. Playing the game, the player will know this and other stories, like those related to the Gran Prix of Castellaccio (the most famous car race circuit in the ‘50), the Shrine of the Partisans died during the two world wars ... and he will understand that only cooperation and unity make things successful!

This game was developed by the Class 1A of  the school I.C. Micali-Montenero (Livorno) in collaboration with Dario Canaccini (Environmental Guide of the Biodiversi Cooperative - -, Giuliano Gianneschi (Botanical Group), Gino Niccolai (National Association of Partisans in Livorno) and the grandparents of the pupils.

Referent: Prof. Ebe Panella

Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: ARIS

QR code: 1425640774842


Aegylon game

A young seagull, falls from his nest in Punta dello Zenobito. Giovanni, ex-prisoner takes care of him and gives him the name of Gullyver.
Gullyver loves flying on the sea, but one day is swept up in a vortex of air and suddenly finds himself in the vicinity of Cala Rossa, surrounded by little animals watching him. He will discover to be in the year 1540 and that Capraia Island is in danger because of the Corsair Dragut who is ravaging the country, threatening their habitat. Dragut fishes without respecting the inhabitants of the sea; he occupies caves with coffers and weapons; he destroys paths of the island and San Giorgio Fortress. Animals would like peace and calm as before, and ask Gullyver to help. Gullyver agrees to help them.
Answering the questions, you make each character free to return to his own habitat, while Dragut loses "land" on the island. A final question will allow Gullyver to return to the current time.

By the team leaded by Istituto Comprensivo “G.Micali” - Capraia Isola.

Referent: Prof. Gloria Berretti

Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: ARIS

QR code: 1429687751581


Little Balls on the Hills

In the Farma Valley, the inhabitants use to play different sports, games etc. Besides the most common activities (football, biking, hiking ..), there is a game that in Italy is becoming rather rare: “Palla a 21” (or palla eh!). Palla a 21 (or palla eh!) is an ancient hand ball game, an ancestor of tennis, played by two teams of five. In Italy the game survives in the Farma Valley, and in three other tiny villages in Southern Tuscany. In other parts of Europe, other similar games exist and are more widespread.

You will be invited to practice the fundamentals of palla a 21, and you will need to document your experience to earn points and run for the final prize.

Read the rules of the game and go to Torniella (GR), to the base camp La Combriccola

This game has been created in collaboration with the citizens of Piloni, Scalvaia and Torniella, between the province of Siena and Grosseto. Referent: Andrea Giacomelli

Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: Wordpress + HTML5 geolocation




Come to the Farma Valley, in Southern Tuscany, half way between Siena and Grosseto, reach one of the three base camps to check in the game and then go out and roam in one of the lesser known areas of Tuscany, with castles in the middle of the woods, prehistoric quarries, water springs (hot and cold), and other points of interest reported by the local communities (farmers and hunters).

To earn points for the final prize, you need to submit photos or comments about the points of interest.

This game has been created in collaboration with the citizens of Piloni, Scalvaia and Torniella, between the province of Siena and Grosseto. Referent: Andrea Giacomelli


Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: Wordpress + HTML5 geolocation







Belnac adventures

See all the information about the game illustrated in the poster here

Game code: XR2f8mxq


The secret of salamander

See all the information about the game illustrated in the poster here

Game code: MFYYO7V5






Construction of a Bird Observatory at Polifitos Lake

The goal of the game is for the player to become familiar with the fauna of Polifitos Lake and more aware of the area's protection.This is achieved by a "project" assigned to the player. To help with the construction of a Bird Observatory so that everyone can visit the area without disturbing the birds' lives.

The player receives guidance so as to discover six kinds of birds living in the area, information in the form of text and video, and he wins "presents" that he will need during the construction of the Observatory. In order to be able to use the "presents" he has received, he will have to answer correctly six questions relating to everything he has learned. Then, he helps with the calculation of the Observatory's perimeter and with the resolution of the problems in the area.



6 birds–friend's of Tsiou




Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: ARIS



Welcome to the Large Rafina Stream!!!

We start from the small bridge next to "Marinopoulos" where Evoykos road begins. We will try to initiate you to the magical world of the Stream. The herons, kingfishers, wagtails, cormorants, waterhens and the rare Bailon's crake await us. Let us get to know them. However, the problems of the Stream are also there. Cutting the reeds, the illegal disposal of urban waste and the garbage are Man's "undesirable presents" to the Stream. Apostolos Arapkilis will carry us back to the old times, when the Stream riverbed was much larger than today and plenty of eels swam in it.

In our last stop, we will examine an old Italian-German gun pillbox, we will clean it from the mud so that the grey wagtail can build there the nest destroyed by the bulldozers when they invaded the Large Stream riverbed 'without thought or shame'."


Enigmapp 3I7B0EDZ



The story takes place in a stream close to a residential area. Ricky is a pupil during a school excursion in the stream. There, he realizes that this particular area has been polluted by garbage. Searching for a solution, he realizes that the main culprit is a permanent resident of the area, bur he also finds an ally in the good fairies in the area.

Type of Application used for the INVOLEN game: ARIS


Looking for Xerxes' throne

Valentina, George and Konstantina are 3 pupils in the 3rd grade of the 6th Junior High School of Petroupoli. During a school trip, the pupils and teachers visit Poikilo mountain. But the need to explore encourages the 3 children to leave the school group. Thanks to the magic of mystery and the Internet, they manage to make a great discovery and to live the ultimate adventure.

Valentina: Here again... I'm bored!

George: Would you like me to take you to the most beautiful spot at Poikilo mountain?

George: Here we are...

Valentina: Do you know that Xerxes may have sat at this exact spot when he watched the battle of Salamis?

Konstantina: Guys, look what I found! On the Internet there is a legend claiming that Xerxes sat on a stone throne on the Poikilo mountain, and there is also a map leading to that spot. But the last piece is missing...

Valentina: The throne may still be there...

George: We must go! be continued on the game!


>Link to the game:




The pupils in a school, Marina, Antonia and Ulysses, decide to volunteer for the protection of the "Antonis Tritsis" park. This starts a trip through the park, with the final goal for the player to save the wounded duck. During this trip, the player has more missions to carry out. The player meets Ulysses who guides him, the historian who checks his knowledge, Marina, the chamomile, the butterfly and the ecologist, who all assess his attitude towards nature. He also comes across, garbage, such as an old tin can, an empty bottle of water, as well as a half-eaten apple that he must pick up, despite Peter's prompt to the opposite, being indifferent to the environment. He must also find food for the robin, help the turtle and finally respond to Antonia's plea in order to save the wounded duck and deliver it to the vet.


TaleBlazer gljgzsy






Magic of nature

Magic of the nature is a game, located at the beautiful intermittent lake in Notranjska Regional Park, which is important natural environment as it is part of the Natura 2000 network of sites. In 17th century already Janez Vajkard Valvasor wrote that the area is great miracle of nature. Here you can find corncrake (Crex crex), which according to classification of IUCN belongs to a globally threatened species or vulnerable species (V). The player of the game is invited to help and assist corncrake to survive and to act in the sense of nature conservation.

gameId= 15621

aris://games/ 15621


Attractions of Kranj

Throughout the game you will meet the city mayor. You will see the natural sights of the city, town hall and cultural attractions of the city (Prešeren Memorial Museum, monuments, Prešeren's Grove). Kokra Canyon is a natural attraction because of the occurrence of specific surface processes and its diverse flora and fauna. The canyon is protected by the Ordinance on the proclamation of the old town of Kranj historical and cultural monument.

gameId= 12012



Cerknica lake

The player is invited to play the game and research about Cerknica Lake, the largest disappearing lake in Slovenia.  Through the game player receives numerous of interesting information about diverse flora and fauna (the game can only be played in Slovene language).

gameId= 5056

aris://games/ 5056


Walk around Lake Cerknica

The objective of the game is to present a unique wetland with its cultural heritage. At the same time the game educates and raises awareness of biodiversity importance and natural balance.  In addition to use of modern technology and game playing, user can also enjoy the natural environment (the game can only be played in Slovene language).

gameId= 2594

aris://games/ 2594





The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Bácsa

Prepared by: Révai Miklós Secondary School, Győr, Hungary

Short description of the game: With our game, we would like to bring closer the territory of Bácsa to those people, who live further away. We created this area in the virtual world, using the Unreal Engine 4 platform. Because of the limitations of the technology, we can only get an approximate picture about the landscape. However, the real experience is awaiting us at the real site. With his/her character, the player can wander at the protected area, and by solving little tasks, the protection and the conservation of the area is demonstrated.

On the link below, you will find an „.apk” file (referring to application), which simply needs to be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet. Available in Android version.

Link to the game:


The pasha’s chest

Prepared by: Mészáros Lőrinc Primary School, Megyaszó, Hungary

Short description of the game: Hassan pasha finds the hidden treasure chest of a nobleman, however the key is lost. No matter, how hard he tried to crack the chest, he failed. Only a single piece of parchment shows the location, which can take us closer to the solution. Help the pasha to open the chest: look at the treasure map, follow the route, solve the tasks and find the key!

In our game, the key is a password, and the treasure chest is a password-protected compressed file. To see what is inside the treasure chest, you need to solve tasks in the protected area of the Hernád-valley, and find the password.

To play this game, you will only need a QR code reader and a GPS. More information on how to play the game, and the full description along with database can be found on the link below.

Link to the game:


Forest Guard

Prepared by: Petőfi Sándor Primary School, Nagykőrös, Hungary

Short description of the game:Our game was inspired by the oak woods close to our settlement, Nagykőrös. This protected area has a unique value not only on national, but on European level as well. To create our game, we were using the Unity 3D platform. You can become a forest guard, whose main target is to stop the woodsmen to get into the forest.


On the link below, you will find an „.apk” file (referring to application), which simply needs to be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet. Available in Android version.

Link to the game:


Adventure of the Gnat Island

Prepared by: Kazinczy Ferenc Secondary School, Győr, Hungary

Short description of the game: Our game was inspired by the old-fashioned adventure books. The player has to decide every step of the game, reacting to the different situations. The location of the story is given by the protected area of the Gnat Island, near Győr. During the game, you can also discover this area. Although, this is a demo version, further development of our game is under process!

On the link below, you can play the game in HTML version. The link to download the Android version to mobile phones or tablets is also available there.

Link to the game:






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